Why Textunion

“I had a translation done by a regular online bureau. Even my English told me that it wasn’t good enough. Then someone recommended textunion. I’m very pleased with the quality and price and will certainly continue to work with Textunion.”

Helmut Jordan – Managing Director, Jordan Mediengestaltung


Copy is written carefully. Every word considered properly. Every sentence crafted finely. Just knowing the vocabulary is not enough. Translators of copy need to be able to really write copy. Which is why all our translations are done by advertising copywriters.


A good translation also needs to bridge the culture gap. German, for example, is a language full of long words and long sentences. English isn’t.


  • Take this typical sentence from a brochure for tourists: 
    “Weitergehende Informationen zu dem Gebiet, das Sie durchfahren, sowie Hilfestellung bei der Suche nach einer passenden Versorgungseinrichtung, bietet Ihnen die Dingsburger Radwanderbroschüre.”
  • A standard translation would read: 
    “Further information about the area you are cycling through, and assistance looking for a suitable place to eat or drink can be found in the Dingsburg cycling brochure.”
  • A Textunion translation might read: 
    “The Dingsburg cycling brochure tells you more about the attractions of the area. And shows you cafés and restaurants where you can get off your bike and take a well earned break.”


A good translation doesn’t read like a translation. A good translation is an original in its own right. At least, if it’s been written by Textunion.


If you’re going to spend thousands on printing or media costs, isn’t it worth spending a hundred or two more on a decent translation?


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