Alexander von FintelAlexander von Fintel
What’s in a name? Alexander von Fintel was born in Nottingham, studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University, and began his career in advertising in London. He only moved to Germany after meeting his future wife at the age of 27. He still eats Weetabix and Marmite for breakfast – but not together, of course. And like any true Englishman, he thinks about standing up for God save the Queen. And then doesn’t bother.



Matthias SchindlerMatthias Schindler
Matthias Schindler is an experienced copywriter and translator. He studied business at Cologne University and was director of copy at two different agencies – CD-Werbeagentur in Bonn and AWM in Cologne. He has been working as an independent copywriter and translator for 20 years. He admits to being stereotypically German when it comes to punctuality. And punctuation. And would like to apologise for the fact that the previous sentence didn’t contain a verb.*

*And therefore technically wasn’t a sentence.




Alexander von Fintel

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