Transcreation and localisation

“The English version of our website that Textunion wrote for us is more than a translation. It is an adaptation of the original, well written to communicate our products and services to the target markets.”
Alanna G. Tyler – Shareholder, Brille24


How will potential clients in new markets view your company and its message? Can you just translate your slogans and expect them to work just as well in a different culture? Probably not.


This is why Textunion does not just translate, we adapt. This is known as transcreation. The aim is to deliver effective text rather than word-for-word translations.


Textunion can take care of the transceation of your advertising, websites and other marketing materials. We are happy to work with your internet service provider or advertising agency to make sure that national boundaries offer no hindrance to your success.


As well as adapting texts, we can advise you on details such as methods of payment – in Germany, for example, hardly anyone has Visa or MasterCard. Or it may be necessary to use different pictures. And of course, we will check the name of your company and its brand and product names don’t mean anything unfortunate in another language.


We approach all our transcreations with local needs in mind. But by involving us earlier in the process, you can avoid making mistakes that need to be corrected later.

Don’t get lost in translation.



Alexander von Fintel

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