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Textunion is a platform where independent copywriters who also translate can offer their services. The aim of Textunion is to present a global network of professional copywriters who can deliver highest quality texts and translations.


Contracts are made with individual copywriters and not with Textunion. Each copywriter is liable only for himself/herself and not for any other copywriter on this platform. Please ask the translator you wish to work with for his/her terms and conditions.


If you need a text translated into several languages and one translator coordinates this for you and you receive only one invoice, then the coordinating translator’s terms and conditions apply.



Alexander von Fintel


Tel.: +49 (0)4421 4607459


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العربية: Samir Yzidi

中文: Helen Hu

Česky: Petr Dufek

Deutsch: Matthias Schindler

Dansk: Michael Jørgensen

English: Alexander von Fintel

Español: Rodrigo Ortiz-Monasterio

فارسی: Nader Nasiri

Suomi: Milla Hyttinen

Français: Pierre Marland

Hrvatski: Boris Belak

Magyar: Rita Kollányi

Italiano: Dario Dellanoce

日本語: Toshino Momoki

Nederlands: Jeroen Bruintjes

Norsk: Camilla Larsen

Polski: Jarek Kaniewski

Português: Jorge Nunes

Русский: Alexander Diakonov

Svenska: Rolf Oward

Türkçe: .

Українська: Olga Pavelko

... Arabic, Chinese, Czech, German, Danish, English, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian ...


For more languages please contact Alexander von Fintel or Matthias Schindler.